Criminal Defense Investigation Process Service Witness Locate Surveillance Workman's Comp. Fraud Investigation Child Custody Disputes Spousal Infidelity Undercover Operatives Theft / Substance Abuse Closed Circuit Cameras (Covert and Overt) Behavioral Analysis Interviewing and Interrogation Workplace Investigations Sexual Harassment Discrimination of all Types Employee Dishonesty Allegations Retail Theft Investigations Internet E-Mail Tracing & Profiling Electronic Countermeasure Sweeps Notary RBI, Inc. founded in 1989 Licensed - Bonded - Insured DUI INVESTIGATION & DEFENSE PREPARATION Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus ADMINISTRATION & EVALUATION NHTSA Certified Randy Bennett Owner and Chief Investigator of: RBI Investigations, Inc. 671 East 700 North Fortville, IN 46040 Office: (317) 326-3177 Fax: (317) 326-7867 E-Mail: DUI INVESTIGATION (Individual tasks or package available) Consisting of, but not limited to: Client Questionnaire & Interview Obtain Accident Report (if applicable) Obtain Client Driving History - BMV Witness(es) Interview “Attend” Arresting Officer Deposition “Review” Arresting Officer Deposition Videotape Client Travel Route (Speed Limits, Road Layout, Construction, etc.) Inspect Test Site Conditions (Lighting / Surface / Traffic / Obstacles) Videotape / Photograph Site of SFST’s
Certified Weather / Climatic Report
(At Time of Arrest) via NOAA
Evaluate SFST/HGN Testing & Results
(Compliance with NHTSA)
Review Intoxilyzer 5000 Records
(For Calibration) Review Audio Evidence (If Available) Review 911 Calls / Car, Dispatch, etc. Decipher Codes, Signals (Police Jargon) Note & Compare all Times Provided, etc. Analyze Video Evidence (If Available) Scrutinize “CarCam” and Dept. Videotapes Consult with Attorney on Findings (Suggest Possible Courtroom Strategy) Courtroom Appearance and Testimony

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